I am so excited to share my new addiction with all of you. You will seriously love these products as much as I do as soon as you try them. Get ready to fall back in love with your makeup again, to be excited to put your makeup on every morning!

So first, I am a lipstick addict. I love a deep purple or a bright hot pink for a fun date night and then a subtle nude or light pink for everyday. I always have a lipstick in my bag or purse and always have some sort of moisturizing gloss in my pocket while we are hiking.

So when my friend sent me some lipsticks a few months back to try out and post on my blog, I was of course excited to test them.

The lipstick is called LipSense and it’s a product of SeneGence, a company that was founded and is owned by a woman out of Tulsa, Oklahoma (which is actually where Derek is from). The products claim to be budge proof, smear proof, kiss proof, water proof and even can last up to 18 hours. With our busy, active life, I was already sold on the idea!

When I first tried it on (I totally should have recorded it), I kept kissing my hand and Derek’s cheeks to see if it would come off…. THERE WAS NO LIPSTICK ANYWHERE BUT ON MY LIPS! It was amazing! I could actually kiss Derek now without him asking if lipstick got on him or not.

I have gone on long hikes with my LipSense on, snorkeling with LipSense on & snowboarding with LipSense on without it coming off! Its the perfect lipstick for the active gal! I love not having to worry about touching up my lipstick throughout the day, especially on days we are traveling & taking a ton of photos.

So because I loved the products so much, I asked her if there was any sort of discount for bulk ordering since I needed every color possible. There are over 70 to choose from. She explained to me I could become a distributor and get up to 50% off my products, so guess what… I DID!

I started off buying products just for myself. Not only do they have kiss proof lipstick, but they have smear proof eye shadows, sweat proof foundations, even smear proof eyeliner!! Every product I ordered and tried I fell in love with. Again, I love not having to constantly touch up my makeup or check myself out in the mirror to see what kind of hot mess I have become after a long day of site seeing or cringing after seeing myself in photos and my mascara is giving me black eyes.

I am not a salesperson, but I have always promoted products I truly believe in and love. So when people would ask me about my makeup, I would tell them about SeneGence! Well, long story short, I now get orders daily from friends and family and random strangers ordering products from me.

You can shop all of my favorite SeneGence products by joining my Facebook group . You can also find me on Instagram!

I have been a distributor for SeneGence for less than 2 months and have already made over $2000. I have met some amazing people through this company and many of those random strangers who started buying their products from me have turned into friends.

It has been so easy to sell these amazing products because they’re
Cruelty Free
Gluten Free
& the products do not contain lead or wax

My sponsor signed up as a distributor less than 9 months ago and makes over $6,000 a month just from her team’s sales. That doesn’t even include her product sales!! She qualified to have the company pay for her car within her first 3 months and has gone on tons of free trips paid for by the company. Hello, free traveling!!

Perks of being a Distributor

1. You get 20-50% off all products! This was what sold me. I love a good deal!

2. It is only $55 to sign up! You can start your own business for less than a top from Lululemon (still love you Lulu!)

3. There are NO sales quotas or monthly minimums. You can buy as little or as much as you want. You can become a distributor to buy products for yourself at a discount or turn this into a full blown career!

4. Income potential is HUGE! Because the company is still SO SMALL, there is so much potential for growth. There are less than 100,000 distributors in the WORLD. Anytime I talk about LipSense while traveling, NO ONE has ever heard of it. I mean, have you even heard of it before now?

5. It sells itself. You do not have to be that annoying person on Facebook messaging your friends & family to buy products from you. They will come to you & ask YOU for your products. It’s pretty awesome!

Want to partner with me?

1. Go to Senegence.com
2. Click Career
3. Click Sign Up
4. Enter my sponsor ID: 247369
5. Click “individual account”
6. Click continue & confirm my name “Tia Foster” as your sponsor.
7. Continue filling out your information.

*Once you sign up, send me an email at thatgoldenlife.hello@gmail.com so I can add you to all of my groups & social media engagement groups.

I teach all of my business partners all of the tools & tricks they will need to grow their social media presence and be successful in this business.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have.

XO, Tia