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HELLO FRIENDS! We have been off line for a few months but we are still here. We were able to check France off of our #SeeTheWorld bucket list this summer as well as some other cool cities in the U.S.

Update on life, spark notes version. Derek started law school this past August & is loving it! I have heard the joke “law school widow” before but never really understood it until now. That boy is ALWAYS studying or writing a paper. Me and the pups have been really good at entertaining ourselves and have been going on more hikes than normal.

As for me, nothing too new. I am still traveling weekly to new cities and I am currently in Edmonton, Canada this weekend. HELLO FALL LEAVES! Being from Arizona, I forgot other parts of the world actually experiences seasons haha! It’s so beautiful here and I highly recommend adding it to your bucket list. I’ll post my recommendations on places to eat and things to do soon.

We had a mini photo shoot with the very talented Jordan Garcia a few weeks ago. She took us to a super secret spot up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It was so fun to be able to take photos together, it was like a mini engagement session.

If you are visiting Utah soon or live in Utah, you can book Jordan here. Be sure to follow her on social media too!

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