One Night in Seattle

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I LOVE SEATTLE!! I have been all over the United States, to every major city and basically every little town. This past weekend was my first time to Seattle, and lemme tell ya, it did not disappoint!

I was scared it would be raining the entire time, because let’s be honest.. that’s kinda their thing. But it only sprinkled for a few minutes on Friday night then was perfect, sunny weather the rest of the weekend.

Fun fact I read: Seattle gets less rainfall per year than NYC, Chicago & Houston. (My source is a homeless guy who read it off of a map so take that for what it’s worth)

I only had one night free while I was in Seattle so I wanted to fit in as many touristy, “Seattle bucket list” items that I could. So if you’re limited on time while visiting, here is a quick list of the best places to see while you’re there that you can fit in within a few hours.

1. The Infamous pike place

2. The original starbucks

I’ve been trying to cut back on caffeine but I couldn’t resist checking out the very first Starbucks while I was in the land of coffee. PSA: lines are ridiculously long but just think of it as Disneyland and that you’re there for the experience.


Bring change for the street performers as they are almost always at the entrance of Starbucks performing music.

3. Cinnamon works sugar cookie

Just trust me. Get one. You’ll pass this cute little shop on your walk to Starbucks. Their card minimum is $5 so either bring cash or buy more than one cookie (not hard to do)!

4. gum wall in ghost alley

For those of you who heard that the gum wall was taken down & cleaned up recently, it’s back & very much going strong once again! If you forget to bring gum for your photo-op there are a few stores near the “senior center” that have bubble gum for sale.

5. seattle’s space needle

You need to get tickets ahead of time if you want to choose the time you go. We arrived at the space needle around 7 PM and the earliest tickets available weren’t until 8 PM. The view is worth the $22 ticket! Also note, this place was PACKED as well – so plan for crowds.

We met some awesome girls while waiting to get on the elevator to go up the space needle who happen to be photographers! One of them took this photo WITH MY iPHONE (mine are never this good) She even has a YouTube channel where she does tutorials on photo editing, how to work with male models, etc. You can check her out here !

6. dogs in the park

I LOVE HOT DOGS, judge me. I mostly love ketchup & I use hot dogs as an excuse to overdose on that red, tomatoey goodness. So when we ran into a street vendor selling hot dogs, I was in heaven. Since we had time to kill while waiting to go up the space needle, we decided to grab a quick dinner here.

OH MY GOODNESS!! This is a must try & they have a permanent spot in the park next to the space needle so they will be there for you to indulge. My friend Whitney tried their most popular option which is the Seattle dog which has cream cheese & caramelized veggies on top – she said it was amazing!

7. Starbucks tasting room

Our new friends took us here & I was enjoying myself too much to get any good shots while we were here, but this is a MUST! Just google “Starbucks Roasting & Tasting Room” and you’ll understand why! Get your drink to stay, enjoy the scenery and some good conversation with friends – if you don’t have any, do what we did, and make some new ones!
That wraps up my trip to Seattle – I’m heading out of the country next!

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XO, Tia

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