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It’s a thing….I promise

Its been a whole year since Derek got down on one knee & asked me to be his wife. His proposal was so perfect that I couldn’t steal his thunder (touchy word in our home right now, thanks KD) so I asked him to share.

The proposal

“From the moment I decided I wanted to marry Tia I knew Washington D.C. was the place where I wanted to propose. D.C. was the first place we ever hung out together almost exactly a year before.

For months I had been telling Tia I wanted to tour law schools on the east coast sometime over the summer, just so I could have an excuse to take her back to D.C. to propose. Then, unexpectedly, we found out we were going to be working together in Virginia the week leading up to the 4th of July, and I knew I couldn’t possibly get a better opportunity for a D.C. proposal than while the fireworks were going off over the National Mall.

All of a sudden the proposal had been moved up several weeks and I still didn’t have a ring so I knew I needed to act fast. Fortunately I have a friend who had a connection to a jeweler that makes custom rings so I was able to choose the diamond and design the exact ring I wanted for her in the short amount of time I had left.

Funny side note on the ring: one time the jeweler called me to discuss the ring while Tia was with me, but luckily he speaks Spanish so I was able to have the whole conversation with him in Spanish because Tia had no idea I was getting ready to propose.

If you know anything about Tia, you know that her first true love is her golden retriever, Hank. I thought it would be really cool to have him bring the ring up at the proposal and was going to fly him out, but Tia’s mom shot that idea down because she was too worried about her “granddog” flying by himself.

So when my idea to bring Hank out failed, I decided to call my sister to see if she could fly out to help make the proposal absolutely perfect. My sister did an awesome job of staking out a spot with a perfect view of the fireworks right next to the Washington Monument where she set up a blanket with rose petals and tea candles.

After spending the day touring the National Mall for the second time together (at one point we walked right past my sister, but Tia had never met her so she had no idea) we sat down and waited for the fireworks to start. Once the show began, I told Tia we should go find a spot with a better view.

As we got closer to the spot where my sister was waiting to capture the deed on camera, Tia said “Oh look, someone brought candles!” I grabbed her hand and started pulling her that way, to which she responded “What are you doing? That’s not ours.” I think at that point it clicked in her head what was going on as I dropped down on one knee and asked the love of my life to marry me.

Our engagement was celebrated by the most beautiful fireworks show I’ve ever seen, as well as some applause and a few cheers from the surrounding crowd.

“Thanks to help from my awesome sister, the proposal was everything I hoped it would be, and the 4th of July is my new favorite holiday!” – Derek

The trip, the proposal, THE RING was all perfect. Happy engagiversary D!


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