5 Reasons You Should Buy a National Parks Pass

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You’ll save money

The pass is only $80 and lasts a whole year. With the pass, you will have access to over 2,000 state run parks.

So let’s use Yellowstone National Park as an example: a one time entrance fee to Yellowstone is $25 per vehicle or $50 for a year pass, for JUST Yellowstone. So why not spend the extra money one time to get a years worth of parks.

It’s like Pokemon Go, but with nature

While vacationing in Hawaii last year we purchased a “National Park Passport” in the visitors center, these are sold separately from the “America the Beautiful Parks Pass”. In the passport, all of the parks are categorized by region and are broken up into 9 regions with D.C. being its own.

Each passport has five pages for each region for “cancellation stamps” as well as featured stamps pertaining to that region. You can only get these “cancellation stamps” when you visit the park and have the park ranger in the visitor center stamp your passport. This has encouraged us to visit more parks we normally wouldn’t have because we are wanting to get more stamps in our parks passport book. “Gotta stamp them all!” Cheesy, but you get the idea

You will get a history lesson

Did you know that John Muir petitioned the national park bill to congress in 1890 that established Yosemite National Park? Or that Yosemite is known as one of the best places to rock climb not just in the United States but in the WORLD?

The great thing about traveling to all of these different parks is we are able to visit the visitors center and learn about the park before we head off on our adventure. When you first enter the park, where you pay your entrance fee (or show them your parks pass), the rangers always offer you a park map. On these maps you’ll find information about the wildlife or about the history of the park.

You will travel more

If you’re anything like us, you want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck! We use & abuse our parks pass like its going out of style. We find any excuse to visit a new park, even if its just a day trip or on our way somewhere else. We will make a quick pit stop to do a quick hike or drive through.

The perfect souvenir

We’re not much for collecting magnets or shirts or sand from every place we go to, but do you remember where you even put all of those souvenirs? I know I don’t. We have too much “stuff” as it is so we don’t need to add to that. The small passport book makes the perfect souvenir for us to store and actually hold on to since its an ongoing adventure for us to keep adding to. We have this vision of us in our 60’s, still visiting national parks and getting our passport book stamped until we have visited all 2,000 of them. Its a big goal, but we’re excited to make it happen!

You can get a National Parks passport of your own by clicking the link below.

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