5 Packing Essentials Every Traveler Needs

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If you read the “about me” section, you know I travel for my job on the weekends and have been for the last three years. Because I have packed, unpacked & packed everything back up again hundreds of times, I have become a pro at packing! Here is a list of things that have helped make the packing process easier for me.

1. The Evolution Pillow

This is literally the best pillow to travel with. I will not fly without one. I’m not a brat, its just THAT comfortable. I was never able to sleep on a plane until I purchased one of these babies.I have used SO many different neck pillows for traveling and none seemed to support my head like I needed in order to fall asleep. I always found my head bobbing which then woke me up. The evolution pillow has total support. Imagine wearing a neck brace covered in fluff. Your head comfortably is held in place so you can rest easy.

Another thing I love about this pillow is that it has a built in media pocket for your phone or MP3 player, I use it to store earplugs (another travel necessity).This pillow is made from a memory foam like material and the cover is machine washable. It comes with a bag that shrinks the pillow down to 1/4 of its size for easy storing. I seriously love this pillow!!

2. Noise cancelling headphones

First, thank you to whoever invented the first noise canceling product. I couldn’t imagine flying without these. If you haven’t tried noise canceling headphones yet, you’re missing out. It makes flights so much more pleasant when theres a crying baby next to you and all you can think about is sleeping. If you’re wondering why I am recommending ear buds verses over the ear headphones, well truth is, headphones won’t fit over my ears when I have my evolution pillow on.

3. collapsible water bottles

Traveling is already expensive enough, lets not add to that cost by buying bottled water from the airport. I always travel with a water bottle that I can fill up at the airport as soon as I go through TSA. This one I love because its collapsible and when you’re not using it you can literally FOLD it up and throw it in your backpack or purse. It holds 17 ounces of water when full and you can attach a carabiner to it to hook onto your backpack for easy access.

4. Packing cubes= my favorite friend

I LOVE MY MISTAKE FIND! So while driving with my husband in the middle of cornfields of Illinois, I was trying to find a new toiletry bag. I accidentally stumbled on these and ordered some out of pure curiosity. Im so glad I did. These packing cubes are great for over packers, frequent travelers and especially for those people who unpack their clothes and put them in the hotel dressers.

The Shacke Pak comes with 4 different size cubes and a laundry bag in which you can organize your clothes into different sections, like I do. Ex: pants/skirts, shirts/blouses, work out clothes & intimates. Ive noticed I don’t overpack, which was always a problem for me before. My clothes don’t wrinkle as much as they did when I would pack without these. But more importantly, my clothes are separated from other things I am packing, like shoes and toiletries. Almost every person I have traveled with has went out to get some of their own because they really are that convenient.

5. Hanging toiletry case

Ladies AND gents, if you’re staying anywhere but your own home, you NEED a hanging toiletry case. The thought of keeping anything on the bathroom counter totally grosses me out, which is why I have invested in a hanging toiletry case. I love that all the pockets are transparent and easy accessible. I have two of these that I travel with for business trips. One for makeup and another for bathroom essentials. I love being able to hang it on the door or in the closet and having it off of the counter.


A good book

I had to add one last essential to the list… A GOOD BOOK! I have the upmost respect for those travelers who opt out of electronics & media to read an old fashioned paperback. Its great to have a book on hand for those times you can’t connect to wifi, you’re at the beach or waiting in the terminal. We are huge Harry Potter fans in our house, so I added a link to the newest Harry Potter book. I’ll be making a list in the future of our top favorite books/podcasts we’re read and listened to while traveling.

What are some of your favorite traveling essentials?
Let me know in the comments below so I can try it out, I am always looking for new recommendations to make traveling easier. Thanks for reading & be sure to connect with us on social media.
XO, Tia

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